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Board of Directors

Mr Thomas Sim

SLA Second Deputy Chairman / SLA Chairman – Human Capital Development Committee

Mr Stanley Lim

SLA Honorary Treasurer

Ms Ng Soo Hwa

SLA Executive Director

The Board of Directors sets the strategic direction of The Logistics Academy aimed to attain the goals set forth in the vision and mission statements. This entails the Board to establish policies, rules and regulations to ensure financial viability of Academy.


The Board conducted two meetings on 08 July and 23 October 2019 to give direction on budgeting, manpower deployment, training initiatives, outreach and marketing, industry as well as compliance to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). One of the initiatives mooted by the Board is the change of name from Training & Development Committee to Human Capital Development Committee (HCDC) to reflect the current focus on employees as vital assets to any organisations.

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