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Chairman's Statement


In 2019, the Singapore economy expanded by 0.7 per cent, by far the slowest full-year growth since a decade ago.  Mirror closely, was the transportation & storage sector, which grew marginally by 0.8 per cent year-on-year.  The backdrop was the ongoing trade conflict between US and China and the negative sentiment from the persistent Hong Kong protests, especially for our companies with strong business dealings with the Special Administrative Region.


To keep pace with the changing economic and geo-political landscape, the approach taken by the Association has all along been unity in diversity and collaboration with stakeholders.  The deliberations, whether industry issues or work initiatives, are often in partnership with government agencies, other Trade Associations and Chambers, institutes of higher learning, business partners and overseas organizations.  Year 2019 was without exception.


In reviewing the year, I am pleased that despite the lackluster business environment, the Association had pressed on to accomplish numerous work activities.  Mostly, they were organized in collaboration with partners and many were supported by various government agencies.  The Logistics Fair in October 2019 for example, was jointly put together with my colleagues from The Logistics Alliance and supported by Enterprise Singapore.  It attracted a crowd of more than 1,200 participants from all works of life. 


Some other initiatives were new, such as the forum - “Driving WSH Excellence through Innovation and Technology” in July 2019, organized jointly with the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH Council).  More than 300 senior management officials attended.  This was aside from the annual WSH Innovation Awards for Logistics & Transport Sector 2019 which the Association organized for the fourth consecutive year.  The other inaugural initiative was the Global Ready Talent Programme which was launched in October 2019.  Supported by Enterprise Singapore, the Association has been appointed a programme partner. 


In the years ahead, the Association will continue to play a critical role in representing members and the logistics industry.  The efforts on catalyzing collaboration efforts and cross-industry exchanges with our key partners to support their transformation journeys will continue. I am pleased that the current Council comprised several young and resourceful members.  I trust that they will take on dominant roles to follow through this transformation journey.


At the close of the year 2019, the Council had resolved to RESET the Association in the coming year.  Evidently, this will not be possible without the invaluable support of our members, key stakeholders, partners as well as the commitment of each and every member from the Council and management team.  I deeply appreciate all your contributions. 


Thank you.


Kay Kong Swan


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