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Singapore University of Social Services (SUSS)

SLA sponsored 3 Named Awards for the top 3 graduating students from the BSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management from 2019 to 2023:

  • Gold Award

  • Silver Award

  • Bronze Award

The Award sponsorships stem from the close partnership between SLA and SUSS since 2008. Since the signing of the MOU, there have been several joint activities such as the annual Supply Chain Challenge series and the SLA-SUSS book "Managing Logistics & Supply Chain Challenges: Singapore Insights and Perspectives" launched during 2013 FIATA World Congress. SUSS’s BSc for Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a partnership programme, designed with SLA with a blend of theory and industry practice to equip students with the means to support the effective management of globalised supply chains operating in real challenging environments.

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