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PSA Singapore

Monthly & Quarterly Meetings

SLA participated actively in the monthly and quarterly dialogues hosted by PSA together with Singapore Customs, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore) (CDAS) and Singapore Transport Association (STA). In 2019, the regular sessions centred on exchange of industry feedback and suggestions aimed at enhancing efficiency of port safety and operations to ensure seamless logistical flow of transport and haulage movements through automation. Prominent initiatives included:

§ Development of a Proof of Concept for SMART Gate

§ Implementation of an Integrated Gate Control Centre

§ Implementation of a Trailer Automation

§ Safety Engagements with Haulier Drivers

A work Group amongst PSA, CDAS, JTC, STA and SLA was also formed to discuss issues relating to truck trailer and chassis as well as to brainstorm on ideas specifically with regard to setting standards to address these issues.

PSA set up a replica of the Tuas Terminal End Feed Bay at the Keppel Terminal. SLA assisted to nominated drivers from several member-companies who gave constructive feedback on the end feed bay and help confirm signages and road markings to assist drivers in their mounting/offloading operations.

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