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Initiatives of Urban Redevelopment Authority

On 25 November 2019, SLA organized a session for several SLA member-representatives to meet the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), where a few initiatives were shared and expounded. Following the session, the Association helped collate feedbacks for URA. At a later stage, URA planned to work with members to pilot the projects.

Loading Bay Design and Operations Best Practices Guide for Malls

URA presented its first draft of the Loading Bay Design and Operations Best Practices Guide for Malls. The intent of the publication is to guide both developers and architectural firms in the design of loading bays at retail malls to meet industry’s operational requirements while adhering to design constraints. It aims to achieve:

  • Efficient loading/unloading turnaround time

  • Improve traffic safety and goods flow

  • Leverage on technologies to manage changing retail delivery trends

Kerb-side Loading Bay

Given the shortage of loading/unloading facilities along shophouses, especially in the Central Business District (CBD), URA proposed a pilot project to convert selected carpark lots into loading bays to service businesses along shophouses.

Carpark Courier Hub

There is also congestion and shortage of parking within the CBD for light goods vehicles. URA planned to pilot a project to underutilize carpark spaces during off-peak hours for sorting and distribution of goods, with the last-mile delivery carried out by bicycles or walkers.


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