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Human Capital Workshops

With an aim to strengthen the human capability of logistics companies, the Association collaborated with Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to conduct two Human Capital Workshops on 23 August and 08 November 2019. Trainer Ms Celine Quek from CET Global Pte Ltd led the two workshops on “Talent Management and Development in Action: Applying Skills Framework” and “Building a Future-ready Workforce through Performance Management: Applying Skills Framework”. A total of 30 logistics companies participated, represented by their HR practitioners and functional managers at the two workshops. Through useful classroom activities with hands-on learning, process reviewing and action planning, the participants gained practical guidance on how to utilize the Skills Framework for the Supply Chain and Logistics Sector in their HR practices. Based on the feedback from the participants, they found the workshop useful and practical to implement back at work on talent management and development as well as performance evaluation.

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