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Attach & Train Programme for Logistics

SLA has been appointed Programme Manager for Attach-and-Train (AnT) for Logistics programme since 2017. The AnT Programme aims to prepare a pipeline of logistics workers to meet manpower demand for logistics sector. Trainees would be required to attend a 2-week training session and up to 50 weeks on-the-job training with the host logistics companies. Trainees may be converted to full-time employment by the host companies during or upon completion of the programme.

The final batch of 9 trainees attended the training from 01 to 12 April 2019 conducted by The Logistics Academy (TLA). They were attached to 6 host companies.

  • Boxgreen Pte Ltd

  • DBR Systems Pte Ltd

  • IDD SolutionNet Pte Ltd

  • Pacific Integrated Logistics Pte Ltd

  • Sin Chew Woodpaq Pte Ltd

  • ST Logistics Pte Ltd

An audit was conducted to review the obligations of SLA as AnT Programme Manager. Moore Stephens LLP, the assigned auditor by Workforce Singapore (WSG), gave an excellent report with no findings.


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